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How to stop the use of Cannibis.

1 Comment 3rd July 2010

I strongly oppose the legalization of cannibis.

The use of any illicit drugs such as cannibis has grown in British society simply due to the fact that the drug pushers are treated as the evil doers, yet the users are the ones who are creating the problem. There would be no pushers if there was no demand.

 If the same harsh penalties handed out to drug traffickers were applied to users, then those who use cannibis would not treat Cannibis use as some recreational social trend to follow.

I suggest that anyone using cannibis or any other drug for that matter should be given a minimum jail term, say 5 years, which will be halved if the user gives the identity of the drug pusher. The focus being on finding the total chain of suppliers and users. The pusher gets the same jail term as the users unless the name of his supplier is revealed which would allow his sentence to be halved as for the users.

Random blood testing  should also be brought into being. Every visit to a doctor or a Chemist should require a blood test for illicit drug use. Police breathalizer stops checking for alcohol levels should include a test for Cannibis.. This test should be extented to all public transport and taxi drivers. Employers should be forced to drug screen all their employees on a regular basis and report any users.

Getting tough on drug use is what is really required, not legalizing the evil substances such as cannibis.



Why does this matter?

The use of ellicit drugs effects the behaviour of any person using that drug. Cannibis causes behavioural changes in the short term and in some people permanently. To legalize Cannibis is a dangerous path to follow as it will lead to a culture which sees the taking of drugs as a way of escaping reality. There are better and more acceptable ways to spend leisure time which do not require the human body to be dosed with a drug by flooding the lungs with smoke full of toxic substances. Anyone who cares for their body would not do this. Developing a healthly lifestyle and  reponsible social attitudes is not about legalizing Cannibis.

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One Response to How to stop the use of Cannibis.

  1. Dave says:

    I would take this a step further and extend the penalties to those who use/abuse alcohol. Considering the amount of damage that it does to society with health problems, automobile accidents, crime and the list just goes on… Start locking up the people who drink for say 10 years minimum and they will think twice before buying that next pint.

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