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Comment 11th August 2010

Let Health professionals regulate themselves, I qualified as a physiotherapist in 2000 and had a career break from 2005 to 2010 to bring up my children. Because of this I lost my HPC registration and had to do a period of retraining to get back into physio and be re-registered. I think this is a good idea and essential to update one's skills after a period away from a profession. However I do object to the amount of money the HPC ask to re-register you then the registration fee on top of this. Health professionals do not need to be regulated by a third body and I think it should be up to their own professional body to regulate themselves (in this case the CSP- Chartered society of physiotherapy. ) I think we should do away with the Health Professions council altogether and let professionals be autonomous and responsible for themselves. 

Why does this matter?

Because it's another body set up to take responsibility away from people and put responsibility with the state. People need to be given back responsibility for themselves.

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