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Human Rights

Comment 26th August 2010

Repeal those parts of this legislation which prevents the UK from dealing with foreign criminals and others effectively by deporting them.

Why does this matter?

This is imporrtant because some of this legislation renders the UK government impotent in dealing with undesirable foreign criminals and people should understand that if they wish to live in this country they must obey the laws and customs of this country

It seems that there are 11,000 odd foreign criminals in British prisons now when we are short of space for our own "deserving British criminals". This represents some 13% of the total prison population. According to figures published by The Ministry of Justice the top five foreign nationalities in our prisons are: Jamaicans (960), Nigerians (764), Polish (670), Vietnamese (585)

If these foreign criminals were deported it would save this country at least £220,000,000 per year

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