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human rights act should not be allowed for terrorism convicts

Comment 2nd August 2010

The Human Rights Act should be withdrawn from those who have been convicted of terrorism-related offences. If people are overtly and explicitly hostile to the welfare of this country, then why do we have to spend our taxes on giving them shelter, rather than returning them to their country of origin. If you are a terrorist, you should be incarcerated for your term with no access to claims for your continued stay in this country upon your release. Once released, you are gone from these shores and your claims of possible torture are another reflection on your own earlier behaviour and something for which it is your responsibility to face the consequences.

Why does this matter?

To continue to allow hostile people to seek to take succour within the UK when they show it so much contempt is an utter nonsense. The voters of this country were told by the Conservatives that the Human Rights Act would be repealed or at least amended and clearly, more people voted for this policy than for any of the alternatives. Now this issue has been compromised by the Liberal element of the coalition, but this is not a democratic or mathematically correct result.

If you do not address the blatent political correctness that transcends common sense in this regard, you will only foment an increasing social unrest about the rights of criminals, terrorists and those who wish us ill. Mr. Clegg did not win this part of the argument in the run-up to the election and this needs to be respected by action that the majority will endorse.

The left of this country have been allowed to seize and re-interpret the definition of what it is to be British, allowing them to call anybody who expresses ideas of patriotism etc as unreconstructed racists. The right (meant as anyone from the Tory benches rightwards) make up a sizeable, possibly majorative, percentage of this country and we demand common sense to be restored.

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