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Human Rights for conscientious objections

Comment 9th September 2010

I am very concerned about the trend to prosecute individuals who have conscientious objections to performing civil marriages. In the same way the homosexual couple have their human rights to have their marriage,so does the registrar have human rights to conscientious objection.

In the medical field if a doctor has a conscientious objection to arranging or partaking in terminations of pregnancy they have the right to pass on the individual in question to another colleague who has no conscientious objection to arranging or performing the termination.

I see no reason why some one who raises an objection because of their religious convictions, which is their human right ,cannot refer the couple in question to another colleague who is comfortable with performing a civil marriage or advising a homosexual couple on their sex life o whatever the case may be.

Recent cases in themedia have highlighted he imbalance in advocating human rights in favour of one party and not the other.

Why does this matter?

this idea is important because no- one should be forced to do anything agains their conscience and be falsely labelled as judgemental or intolerant of some people or groups merely by conscientiously objecting to actions that violate their consciences. Both parties havehuman rights which should be respected.

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