Human Rights in Housing, the Dysfunctional Nanny State.

I think it is a great mistake to house people at random under one roof without consideration for the consequences as housing organisations do . People with grave mental problems or addictions can create big problems to their neighbours but housing organisations are less concerned about this than they should be and I'm not the first to say this! Why must somebody who is violent and very aggressive to his or her near neighbours, for example, be suffered and given more legal rights over so called normal people who might just want to live their lives in peace? It is very hard to evict them or to be protected from their behaviour, no matter what they do, for the law states that, because they have 'mental health problems' they have more rights than the other residents, which means rights to create absolute hell for other people and not be evicted. The Nanny State branch of the N.H.S…. or is it the social services, called the 'Community Mental Health Team' ( who really would be best dispensed with altogether!) act like a hysterical bunch of do badder do gooders by foisting their bizarre services often at the whim of a faceless bureaucrat in a housing association on the wrong people and leaving the really ill folk seriously alone. I think it was Harriet Harman ? who insisted everyone should come out of the hospitals, and what a great idea, but there is no provision made to ensure the affliction of their problems onto those around them does not occur. If they go to prison heaven help their neighbour or neighbours when they come out again! I don't want to sound cruel but I know instances where this has happened and the whole system in housing appears somewhat dysfunctional, to say the least. In Holland there is a separate housing policy which works well for everybody!!

Why does this idea matter?

It is about the legal right to live peacefully in one's home. It is also about harsh conditions in affordable housing which might be overlooked and which are often unavoidable. It is about being trapped for the single reason that to move out of social housing into the private market means 6 weeks deposit, one month's rent in advance, an estate agent's fee and in one borough this amounts to roughly two and a half thousand pounds at the outset as the sum which is to be produced, which is very expensive indeed. Therefore social mobility in the renting sector is simply not possible!! Who is addressing this issue in government, please.  Private rents should come down to a more reasonable level, surely.  It is also about care in the community which in practice is not there! The nanny state for all its interference is tyrannical and should be done away with.

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