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Human rights laws

Comment 9th July 2010

I feel these laws are exposing the UK Government to abuse by lawyers and should be reviewed.

It is not appropriate that the criminals and illegal migrants in this country can use the legislation in the way they are.  The lawyers are raping monies from our coffers with this legislation and it needs to be changed so they cannot.

I feel if you operate outside the law the law should not be as available to you for you to make frivols and tenuous claims.

They do need to be treated with respect and humanely but this is being abused.

Why does this matter?

I fell this idea if implemented could save  the country money and actually make the country farer for the majority that do abided by the law.

It is a disgrace that gypsies, illegal immigrants and criminals are using our fair legal system to make money from our home country.

This should not make any of us racist it is just fair.  The legal aid bill has rocketed from this let alone the compensation bill.

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