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I like to go against individual freedom bill and equality bill.

Comment 8th July 2010

A few things I like to say, I fear that they are not going to be politically correct and apologies if I unwillingly hurt anyone’s feelings and that is certainly not my intention.

Why does this matter?

Practice of an individual freedom could mean violating another’s individual right. Not all is eloquent and are able to fight for their rights like some others! The passive gets less room and gets cocooned in their solitude against their wills. General public cannot get involved in deciding which law is good and which one is bad! We have a very good public consultation system before any law gets passed. It is obvious that some law is bad for some and good for others. I am not talking for world’s perspective as I don’t care what happen to the world but I do care what affect us in this little Island. One thing, we all need to understand that once the basic requirements like food, cloth and shelter are met we start using our brains for other things and they might prove devil. The wealth gap is too much. Someone doesn’t need £30ml a year to live. I might be talking socialism but capitalism brings difference. More money breeds more greed and more waste. See the statistics, only in the beginning of 1800 years Stribithic used steam to run carriages and now we have already sent a probe to explore Pluto.  The intelligent human has been on Earth for 10s of thousands of years (I don’t know any civilization before Maya though). But during only last 150 to 200 years human has consumed more than Earth’s half resources (just a hypo) and polluted the most. I don’t know what the future beholds.

Once someone gets too much money that person gets complacent and falls back on duty. If I vote someone thinking that the man is superior and is capable of controlling my life and affairs better than me, then I would want governments’ intervention in all aspect of my life.  Its true that it might prove difficult for some but will suit the most. The claver mind always retaliate and knows how to put some convincing words together and alas that majority gets fooled by them and that I call politics in democracy. If you really want to free people then free police. Police force is governments gate keepers and its not good to make them unhappy with measures. Look, while knocking down baddies one or two goodies shall get hurt as mistake and that is acceptable. People are forgetful.  In Iraq we killed 600 thousand people to bring down Saddam, a few days ago a group of Afghan army was bomb barded by NETO force by error, you see these are all acceptable. Don’t forget there is a say, “nurse the baby, protect the child and free adult”.  It means an adult shall understand the meaning of freedom only when the man or the woman was properly nursed in the young age and properly protected at the child hood, the quality of which is increasingly diminishing in this country. All say that bank’s erratic investment policies led us to this financial crisis. But I don’t think that is true. We had FSA and other watch dogs in place what they were doing? It is down to personal greed. It is down to individual. If you have money you have access to big accountants and lawyers and you can get away. I have hundreds of examples that the real perpetrators always got away and poor workers got battered. Friendship and relationship in big organization breeds unhealthy working culture including government offices. We are human being and we are bound by some very specific rules and we don’t need to go beyond them. I don’t like individual freedom. I like collective freedom, which is better for the nation as a whole. Think, 50 years ago the English used to deport its convicted criminal to its extended imperial territories. But now it shrank and we are ended up with overcrowded prisons. Even now, we have started talking about giving voting right to criminals. If someone dares infringing other freedom then the person would obviously lose his freedom! And thanks to our strong defense and CLS funding!!! Anyone in a civil society must not be free unless the person understands that freedom comes with a responsibility.


Phew!! There is no such thing called equality, at least I don’t believe in equality. I shall go with Charles Darwin’s theory, “survival of the fittest”. If you are not fit go and rot. Of course I did not mean to the real neediest. I am sick and tired of government’s liniment approach towards the abusive social security claimants. I find a man or a woman that never pays tax are better off than a good law abiding person who pays it. I am too sick to see that someone is fast tracked to constructive success due to a specific gender or background because the representation has to be proportionate and politically correct. This is a Christian country and we all believe in God (at least if I call myself Christian), if the almighty has created us differently who the hake are we to call ourselves equal!!!

We need to stop all those political claptrap. Now the world perspective has changed. Even to survive we need to change our foreign policy and stop following USA. They still have not paid Fee and penalties on account of Central London Congestion charges. The local govt. needs more engagement with its public. Only 60% go and cast their votes and the constituents are increasingly getting alienated.

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