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I want my Country back you dont own it we the people do!

Comment 7th July 2010

Get rid of most CCTV

Get rid of ANPR

Get rid of DNA and other databases

Get rid of speed cameras

Get rid of SORN (DVLA)

Scrap ID cards and Bio passports

Deport all known terror suspects

Get out of the EU

Why does this matter?

The UK has been frog marched into an Orwellian wet dream by Labour, we are watched and scrutinised like bugs under a microscope, with at least 12 CCTV per head of population, what the hell is going on?  The population of the UK is the most watched society on Earth, are we that bad? Who is watching us, what happens to the images?


People are stopped in the streets for taking photographs its a nightmare. Councils snooping in our bins to check we have not mixed recyclabe with waste, chipped bins my GOD it makes me so angry.


Visit a WW1 or WW2 war cemetery they are there for a reason because they fought and died for freedom, why are the Government desicrating their sacrifice?

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