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Comment 19th July 2010

Ive said somewhere else about how worried i am about the prospect of losing my DLA, which i'll repeat again here for anyone who STILL doesnt understand it is NOT an out of work benefit, it is an ESSENTIAL payment given to people with disabilities EVEN IF WE WORK, that allows us to cover the extra cost of living for a disabled person, that we still have even if we are working, like wheelchairs, transport, (think regular hospital visits) adaptations to the house, and care needs. And you dont get these things AND the money, its one or the other. If i get a motability car i have to give up the mobility componant of DLA to get it, i dont get both the car and the money.

I use this money to get out and about and i will use it to get to work when i get a job, without DLA i am housebound and CANT WORK. if i lost DLA i would have to give back my motability car if i have one then, couldnt work, and that means i would be on benefits again. costing the taxpayer and pushing up the national debt again.

in the other post i mentioned that i dont believe people with long term disabilities that arent going to get better such as in my case, i have spina bifida, cant walk at all and use a wheelchair permanently, should be put through the DLA medical, just check our (in some cases) lifelong medical history, mine clearly states i have spina bifida, check em, job done. And consult with, well, consultants, many know me, as do many GP's,podietrists, district nurses, i could go on.

However, If i am to prove i have a lifelong disability that isnt going to improve then so be it, BUT, when it is done, have it recorded in stone if you have to that i do infact have a life long never getting better disability,let me have my DLA payment that will allow me to carry on living as normal a life as possible (without it i seriously couldnt) and then LEAVE ME ALONE. instead of putting me through the stress and worry at the prospect of losing my DLA and other things time and time again, Have it, as i say, recorded in the DWP's own records and produce some kind of document or card for me that states my disability and the fact it wont improve so that if im asked again i just produce the card as proof and have done with it, this would make it easier to deal with future DLA payments, less people to assess etc, and would therefore be cheaper costing the state and the taxpayer less. £100 a time these ESA and DLA medicals cost, think of what could be saved if it was only done once to the people who are genuinely, clearly, life long disabled.

Do it once, make it thorough, make it fair,  and then let us get on with living.


Why does this matter?

It would save money, one medical instead of the same old thing time and time again to prove what is already known, and would allow genuinely lifelong disabled people to live with some dignity and be allowed to live without the fear of losing everything we have time and time again. Spina Bifida does not get better, you dont need to test that more than once!

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