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Identity requirements for opening a bank account

Comment 6th July 2010

The Id requirements for opening a bank account are very onerous – I can understand that this is a way of trying to stop illegal money entering the main money supply.  However, this has made opening a bank account very difficult – On a number of occasions I have had to provide ID and evidence of address when I already have a bank account with the bank with whom I wish to open a new account.  I live in a rural area and this often involves a special visit to the bank and can mean a drive of 60 miles round trip.  The banks say that they cannot find me electronically – I can't understand this as I am on the Electoral Roll. 

I don't think that this system works when it can't find honest citizens so how will it deter those who aren't honest.

I often find it difficult to meet the ID requirements unless I go into the bank with my passport or driving licence – I often don't have the other required documents.






Why does this matter?

To make it less onerous to open a bank account – the ID requirements are difficult for people to meet especially when they live in a rural area.  Why do we need to provide ID and an address to open an additional bank account when we already have an account with the bank in question?

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