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If it’s good enough for Mr. Barak Obama & Mr. Cameron then it’s reasonable to assume that it’s good enough for the rest of us! Legalise Cannabis.

Comment 23rd July 2010

Barack Obama said: "When I was younger I inhaled (cannabis) frequently, that was the point!"

Mr. Cameron was caught using cannabis at Eaton school and has admitted to inhaling. That's also only going on the one time he was caught and so doubtless he has also "inhaled frequently" just like his American counterpart.

If our elected leaders have committed a criminal act yet have gone on to succeed in the manner that they have then it is simply immoral and utterly unjustified to continue locking people up for doing no less than they have also done. It is a disgrace to our modern values that all are equal yet some seems to be more equal than others.

I demand either the immediate resignation of our criminal Prime Minister or (far more rationally) an immediate end to prohibition and the release of all prisoners of conscience along with the destruction of their criminal records.

Why does this matter?

This idea's important because is is simply not justifiable for our Prime Minister along with the leader of the (apparently) "free" world to proudly stand in office while others languish in jail for committing no more or less of an offence than they have also admitted  committing.

How dare the current government continue to ruin peoples lives while they have got Scott free away with committing the very same act?

Legalise it and liberate the victims of a prejudicial and wholly unjustifiable law. We, your electorate, ask no more or less than you (our leaders) have experienced.

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