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illegal crb checks prevent rehabilitation

Comment 13th August 2010

Crb checks are essential to protect vulnerable adults and children. However, the best way to rehabilitate an ex offender is to get them back into society, a job, paying tax and monitered throgh the system with a permanent address. If the governement is serrious about rehabilitating offenders it should make legislation to ensure that work not involving vulnerable people can not be crb checked.

Dustmen working as a team assisting with the bins of the elderly do not need a crb check they are not in the same possiton as social workers or care workers. Everyone should be given a chance to show they ahave changed. If as a society we ban all exoffenders from jobs and homes what will happen to them. More importantly if marginalised they will be forced into deceit and lost to society.

Why does this matter?

Every ex offender in work, pays tax and  where they live is known. In particular sex offenders rejected by society and unable to get the most menial jobs will be lost to the monitoring systems the only way for them to get accomodation or work would be through deceit with the liklyhood of reoffending.

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