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Comment 6th July 2010

Immigrants have been let in and flooded illegally to our country.

The Koran states that the muslims wish to take over the world – conquer all land.

Do we really want a muslim ran country because at the end of the day their population will grow and their votes will stand.

They dont even like our country so why come here?

The terrorists come from these countries and we are still letting them in.

My town is full of pregnant polish/kosavan immigrants who will then have the right to stay in our country when they are born. Costing the NHS, costing the council to home them, schools needing translators – and you wonder why we have no money and our schools are going to pot.

Mr Clegg and Mr Cameron should stop all migrants and tackle the illegal side.

I am sure hardly any of the immigrants i see have no right to be here.

I wonder what will happen in the next ten years as my daughter is growing up – there wont be a single british person around because we will all migrate and the problems will be ten fold.

the country is in a complete state and i am fed up of these people costing our country money and seeing them hanging around the streets causing tropuble.

ten years ago the only problem we had were chavs etc – why do we have to pay for these people.

Why does this matter?

because our country will not be our own anymore

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