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Immigration Detention Centres in the country be shutdown

Comment 15th July 2010

Immigration detention centre in the country should be shutdown to pave way for human dignifying effort that are being rendered by our moderate society while every decent Government today should be proud of justice and liberty for the people.

Why does this matter?

Detention is a drastic step to take against any human being’s life. It’s undemocratic, inhumane, and in breach of Article 5 of the ECHR.  But despite of these facts, detention of immigrants was taken as an instrument by the previous UK Government for motivating the vulnerable migrants in the country to choose for their vulnerary returning home despite the risk of persecution in their countries of origins.

Detention for the purpose of such as deterrence to others whereby, detention is not necessary for the purpose of removal of an individual is not compactable with article 5 of the ECHR’. But despite of this, the discrediting of immigrants human right is continuously repeated here in the country.

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