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Immunity from the law for Vicars/Clergy

Comment 9th July 2010

It sickens me deeply that the trust in our community is gone. At times like these I feel it is important for us to look at what was once the centre of the community: the Church. Once, our Vicars were our betters because they had authority from God, but now our belief in God has vanished and so therefore has our Vicars powers. Therefore the State should restore this power and with it our communities by making Vicars, Clergy and other Holy Leaders immune from the law. Let us unite under the banner of "If the Clergy do it, it must be OK!"

Before people start replying to this in order to tell me that no-one is above the law, let me point out that clergy are the pillars of our community and have been for centuries. Their moral guidance with the help of the legal system will allow them to once again reclaim this mantle. Besides, it's not like they break the law already, is it?

Why does this matter?

Because it will build stronger communities.

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