Impose a statute on rape claims

Tohelp stop the imprisonment of the innocent there needs to be set by statute a timescale for reporting the offence(s). This is not said to help the guilty or punish a victim. But the facts remain clear.

1. It is virtually impossible to prove the offence happened without substantial evidence (DNA) after a short period of time.

2. It is virtually impossible to prove you did not do it after a short period of time.

Do you remember what you were doing 2 years ago? for the full 12 months? each and every day? and have witnesses to prove what you are saying?

NO? I rest my case.

Now go and see what is happening all the time in Crown Courts and thereafter the Courts of Appeal. A complete waste of taxpayers money to lock someone up for a very long time on no evidence, only to clear them years later, lives destroyed. Check out the CCRC website and recent cases, many are of rape and indecent assault convictions overturned.

Why does this idea matter?

To stop destroying the lives of the innocent, and costing the taxpayer untold sums of hard earned money, year after year.

From the figures supplied by the CCRC and S>A>F>A>R>I> someone somewhere is getting it seriously WRONG!

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