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Impose limits on benefits

Comment 7th July 2010

We need to find a way of having benefits only for the needy – rather than the greedy and lazy. The following are at least three of the areas where we should impose limits on hand-outs.

  • Men who father multiple children with different women but still claim benefit, rather than stopping reproducing and getting a job.
  • Stay-at-home mothers whose kids are at school.
  • Constantly means testing benefit – ie a council house isn't for life. If you start earning, or have several earners in the family, or the children have grown up and left, then your needs need to be reassessed.

Why does this matter?

A liberal benefits system such as we have is a huge drain on the country, reduces tax opportunity,  isn't fair on people who work hard but have a harder life, and ultimately creates a very unpleasant, detrimental and insidious culture that affects generations and the wider community.

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