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Comment 9th July 2010

It is mostly obvious that persons involved in stabbings are carrying knives for that purpose. To say that the law shouldn't operate as it means butchers and other persons using knives professionally will not be carrying them in a way to commit a crime. This common sense approach should be adapted and to reinforce it persons under 20 convicted of carrying knives and other weapons with no good reason  or excuse should be given at least( 5) years in prison.

It would need an extremely zealous policeman and an idiot of a judge to convict a person who has legitimate reason or is being completely non threatening

Anybody using a knife to stab another should get a minimum of 15 years (served)excepting in proven self defence but proven to have not gone "tooled up". ie if carrying a knife when out clubbing or roaming the streets, Lock em up

Why does this matter?

To end the waste of young lives and to prevent idiots thinking its good to to hurt or intimidate others, especially when committing crimes

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