Improve the ability to convict sexual offences from third party evidence

I would like it to be possible for a group of individuals if they have full knowledge of a crime (with the victims consent) and especialy in regards to rape and domestic violence, to be able to press charges on behalf of the victim and if need be; be able to go throuhg the process of getting justice for what happened to them.

Why does this idea matter?

This is important because in this country there is very little support for the victims of rape and domestic violenence to the point where in hospitals there isn't even a little box in the corner where a doctor can tick if abuse is supsected (there is such a box on hospital papers in the United States).  The amount of damage this causes a victim can last a life time and because of such fear and stigma the victim may never come forward and only confide what had happened with loved ones and close friends.  Wouldn't it be in the interest of everyone if we could take the knowledge they have, with the victims consent, and push for justice because it would be protecting everyone (and future victims if the abuser is caught before he/she gets chance to do it again).

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