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Incidents related to excessive drinking should be charged fees.

Comment 17th July 2010


I propose that anyone who needs medical attention due to excessive (binge) drinking should be charged for treatment. I’m not suggesting that there is profit made, just enough to cover costs. This may include any medical equipment used, and staff’s time. Binge drinking isn’t compulsory, and if the NHS started charging for drink-related accidents I’m sure not as much alcohol would be abused.

This idea could possibly extend to harmful-drug use.

Why does this matter?


I had the misfortune of being stuck in an accident and emergency room in a local hospital for over 4 hours not so long ago, on a Friday night. -I was in there so long because of alcohol related accidents.

A huge amount of treatment time is devoted to these people who take the NHS for granted. There is always a safety net if they get hurt. I’m not suggesting we take that net away, just make them pay for it.

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