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Comment 14th July 2010

If for any reason a UK citizen has been unable to pay their NI stamps for two years their entitlement to contribution based benefits is no longer available. This would include people  who are disabled who have returned from abroad or any other person unable to afford to pay their national insurance stanps for any other reason.

It does not matter how long you had previously paid your National insurance stamps, it could be 41 years! yet if you return to the UK and were unable to pay your stamps while abroad you will be entitled to no contribution  based benefits whatsoever. This would leave a person in a position of being treated entirely differently to all other UK citizens.

Why does this matter?

I feel that this discriminates against people who have worked hard and contributed for many years and leaves the richer people in sociaety who are able to pay their stamps with full entitlement to financial support . Yet, for the  less fortunate people, like disabled individuals who will never be able to return to work with no entitlement to support. This is clearly unfair, keeping the rich better off and the poorer less able members of society suffering considerably.

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