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Increase in time of statutory rest breaks for employees

Comment 7th July 2010

I suggest the government change working time regulations  that currently states employers have to alllow a 20 minutes after 6 hours of continous work, to a statutory rest break of 30 minutes within a 5/6 hour time for  a employee working more than 6 hours

If a employee were to work on a continental shift pattern of  10/12  hours would be entitled to 2 statutory 30 minute breaks.

Why does this matter?

Due to increased demand on idustrial and factory workers made by employers in a competitive enviroment coupled with minimum wage increases employers are demanding more productivity therefore extra workload is put upon workers and their has been no increase in statutory rest break time to reflect the change in work practices.

Most employers commence the  20 minute rest break time from the time a production line/work is stopped  and do not allow for removing work equipment and getting to the canteen which in some case's can take several  minutes therefore this reduces the statutory rest entitlement of 20 minutes by a significant amount.

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