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Independent body to hold CCTV footage

Comment 25th July 2010

The police have demonstrated that they can't be trusted with CCTV footage, as on many occasions when it might have provided evidence of wrong-doing by them, it has been "lost", "damaged" or they say the equipment just happened not to be working at the time (see the recent case of the two brothers at the Gaza protest, where the CCTV captured them just before and after they were assaulted, but apparently not at the time of the incident!).

I suggest that an independent body is set-up, with the power to seize and store CCTV footage after an incident (whether from public or private systems), removing this power from the police. This body can then make copies of this footage available to the police and solicitors.

Why does this matter?

Because it will prevent the police destroying incriminating CCTV footage, or the public thinking that this is what's happened.

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