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Indigeous peoples rights in Britain

Comment 10th August 2010

More rights for the indigeous English people(white). Ethnics have more civil liberties than White Britons. Take for example community centres. I believe in the last government, white people were classed as racist if they had their own cummunity centres or gathering places. If Asians are allowed these centres and not White people isn't that racist ?! Given that this country is supposed to be of a White christian culture and is being slowly but surely turned into a Pakistani Islamic state I have to ask why my relatives died in two world wars ? Obviously to stop my country being invaded which has now been allowed. What has the White population done to deserve to have their culture, religion and Race whipped out when this is our country ?

Why does this matter?

To stop the onslaught of Islam and Ethnic rule in Britain which will ultimately destroy the white culture, Race in other words me.

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