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Individual responsibility

Comment 23rd July 2010

Repeal laws where the individuals right to choose legal options are frowned upon.

From the right to say whatever one wants, no thought police please, right down to the inspecting of luch boxes or questioning the right to cycle to school.

These restrictions are usually social policy and have no other role than to try to shame people into a bourgoise morality. Its busy body interference with no real social value.

Why does this matter?

If others choose to eat certain things, let that be their choice, if they choose to smoke, let them do so without a plethora of moral tutting and condecension.

If one believes a certain way of life is acceptable and does not break the law, no-one should be allowed to hassle or cajole that person into a more 'appropiate' lifestyle. Live and let live.

Do not create a society full of resentment.

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