Information technology oligopoly is broken or the patent expired.

Information technology is now democratised.

Up to now few companies had the privilege to produce massively information media exchange.

We as citizens are not going to ask for a compensation for all these years of oligopoly, so they have our mercy.

Or looking from another point of view. We allow temporally this transfer of our freedom in the actual spirit of the patents systems. Now the time has expired.



Why does this idea matter?

They call us pirates because this democratization has finished with what they consider their economic farmyard but in fact the pirates or corsairs are themselves who are boarding the citizens freedom in their profit.


Each time the information, coming with the photons from my seeing of a beautiful building or any other thing, excite my brain I am not forced to pay the architect or the builders, unless they build a high wall around it (farmyard) and force me to pay for an entrace if I am willing to,….if they own the soil where the wall is going to be built they are in their right of course.

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