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Comment 6th July 2010

No law that is flawed should be on the statute books.

It makes criminals of honest, law abiding people.

Take the scenario that is common since we joined the EU.

A worker sent to work in one of the companies offices in Paris for 6-12 months.

That worker returns to his home here in the UK, to find several pieces of mail in his letterbox.

ONE – a fine of eighty pounds from DVLA for not re-taxing his car in time.

TWO – a summons from the local magistrates court for not paying the eighty pound fine on time.

THREE – a note from the local police station asking him to call in at his convenience, because he has got an arrest warrant for not turning up in court when he was summoned!

Thanks to the 'SORN' law!

What village idiot thought this one up?

Charles I lost his head for less!

This abominable law must be repealed – now!

Why does this matter?

No flawed law should be on the statute books making criminals out of honest people.

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