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Institutions that Fine should be liable to fines themselves

Comment 12th July 2010

If I miss a late payment for my tax with the HRMC I am usually liable to a fine. It is my mistake and I have to pay for it. When the HRMC makes a mistake with my accounting and thousands of pounds go missing, I am not able fine them back. At best I can expect a muted apology from them (this has happened before!)

When I get onto the wrong train at the station, a genuine mistake the train operator makes no room for my error and will fine me or make me upgrade my ticket at a huge expense. When the train is late or cancelled at the last minute, there is no accountability to the passengers. How is this fair?

When I go overdrawn on my bank, the institution will have no problems with charging me with a fine. When the bank makes a mistake with my money (accidental double charges for instance) I have to point it out and get it sorted. Why can't I 'fine' them for their mistake?

Why does this matter?

The idea is important because the system is unfair to the consumer and citizen and overly fair to the corperation or institution.

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