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Introduce a legal level of action/caution individuals must take to prevent themselves coming to harm.

Comment 2nd July 2010

We've all seen the adverts. "I was walking through the lobby and the floor was wet with no sign", "I had to fix the fire alarm and my employer gave me the wrong type of ladder for the job", "the boxes are tied with this wrapping that always get just left on the floor.  I caught my foot and just fell".  Two of these could have been avoided if the people involved looked where they were stepping, and the other if the guy climbing the ladder had been properly trained in choosing the correct ladder for the job.  I would like to see a legal requirement for people to take a certain level of responsibility for protecting themselves from harm.  Obviously there will be many situations where an individual could not have avoided harm, and it would be ridiculous to expect everyone to be able to avoid moving hazards, falling objects, etc.  However, I would like to see a requirement for people to look where they are walking, and not use tools or aids they are not trained for unless it is at their own risk.

Why does this matter?

So many rules and regulations focus on preventing a company being liable in the event of an accident.  So many accidents could be avoided if the people involved were just a little more careful.  Setting in law a standard of care and caution an individual must take to prevent themselves coming to harm will lift some of this burden from businesses, especially small businesses, many of which cannot afford to fight these big 'no-win no-fee' personal injury lawyer companies.


Reducing this burden will save companies a lot of money, and will remove the 'liability shackles' from small businesses who take every reasonable effort to keep their areas safe.

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