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Introduce an Experimental Aircraft classification

1 Comment 16th July 2010

Introduce an Experimental Aircraft classification similar to that administered by the FAA in the United States, or the amendment of existing legislation to allow easier certification of new or modified aircraft designs.

Why does this matter?

The introduction of this law, or an amendment of existing law accordingly, would encourage the growth of existing businesses catering for light aviation and the creation of new ones. It would also facilitate the restoration of historic aircraft to airworthiness, such as Vulcan XH558, enabling those operating them to do so more economically. British companies are handicapped in this field because the legislative restrictions on light aircraft design and development are greater in the UK than those extant in the United States or France, yet the safety record is not comensurately better.

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One Response to Introduce an Experimental Aircraft classification

  1. Christopher lee says:

    This is a good idea as it could lead to a resurgence in independent aircraft design in the UK.

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