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Introduce chemical castration for repeat sex offenders

Comment 10th July 2010

Chemical castration should be used at the discretion of a court, and in the instance only where the accused has been found guilty of a rape or a violent sexual assault for a previous offence. This is to account for any mistakes that might have been made in one of the trials or the possibility that the accused might be found guilty when innocent.

The castration should take place only after the perpetrator has served their sentence and prior to their release. It should be be a permanent measure. 

Why does this matter?


So often the system fails to rehabilitate serious sex offenders, they often re-offend upon release. There is no 'cure' and no fail-safe way to ensure the safety of  the public after the release of this type of criminal. Often on the outside, the parole services fail to keep track of these people. A high proportion of killers, escalate from sex offences to murder. 

We need a solution. 

Sex offences effect a proportionately high amount of British people. Most rapes go unreported. A low proportion of those that are secure a conviction. People have lost faith in the system. It's difficult for police to get evidence for a conviction. There's a general feeling that the victim goes through more than the accused when gathering evidence and presenting a case. 

We must send a message that sexual offences are being taken seriously. 

All previous ideas have been tried and have failed. We can't just continue with measures that simply don't work. 

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