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Introduce Compulsory Teachings of Sex Education in School

Comment 6th July 2010

Sex is an integral part of life and we are doing our up and comming generations a huge disservice by ignoring their needs for guidance and answers. I cannot quite fathom why a law was set to be implimented and then repealed…why?

Our country seems utterly confused…on the one hand taboos are being quashed and we are  more open and accepting of sex and various sexualities than ever before, no longer relegating them to the sidelines of society…and yet, our government still feels the need to keep the next generation of Brittons in the dark where sexual education is concerned. Are we so proud of our statistical accolades in teen pregnancy that we want to remain top of the list for years to come??

We need to do better by them.

Why does this matter?

Open your ears and unblinker yourselves for the sake of our children and their mental and physical wellbeing because it isn't all about biology…it's about relationships, acceptance, information and demystifying…knowledge is power…empower them to make the right decisions for themselves –

..If we listened to our young people more we would realise that they are bright, hopeful and thirsty to learn… why demonise and diminish them to the point where we treat them as they would have been treated 100yrs ago…seen and not heard. 

Take the example from nations throughout the western world who teach sex education from an early age (as young as 5yrs old) and compare our statistics to theirs…it's not exactly hard to see the correct path.

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