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Introducing 3 wheeled transport for provisional licence holders

Comment 10th July 2010

While on holiday in france i noticed the locals drive a 3 wheeled car or van on the road with out passing a test .

My idea is we adopt the same type of vehicle in the uk and have it restricted to 30mph and only allowed to operate on none dual carrage way or motorway roads.

The  current provisional motorcycle licence allows for this speed catagory and the CBT exam can be extended to cover this new form of transport so the aspect of safety will be addressed.

Why does this matter?

The reason i think this is important is because i've held a provisional licence for 25 years and in that time i've tried to take the step to pass the driving test but due to finance or work commitment its always fallen flat . I must add i got as far as passing the theory test but never took a pratical exam.

Due to the current work climate this idea would help in the movement of people and goods as the lenghy proccess of taken a car test would be removed so any one over the age of 16 would be able to move about under covered transport as there only other option is a 50cc moterbike witch can be a real pain in the winter and can not carry any goods.

These vehicles could be made in the uk and allow young or old people the flexibility to start up new enterprises to help the ecconomy grow by allowing them to deliver there goods or travel to remote places for employment where no public transport exsists.

This idea would not take work away from driving instructors as there  still would be need to learn to drive as these vehicles only have 2 seats and intended for local use as they are slow, so anyone intending to go faster or carry more people will still need to pass the car test.

Hauliers will not be effected as the carrying load of the van will not be much greater than an estate car.

In these days of a ressesion any restriction of movement on the workforce is not good for the country. 

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