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Intruders into househoulds should lose all rights – and househoulders who injure intruders should not face arrest, court etc.e

Comment 11th July 2010

Intruders should LOSE ALL RIGHTS on entering a property – it is utterly disgraceful that home owners in particular can end up in jail for defending themselves or their loved ones. In Singapore a martial arts expert thumped a robber who had stolen a lady’s handbag – he was a hero in the Straits Times. In the UK he would have been arrested and thrown into jail, which is just disgraceful. We need to protect ourselves without fear of landing in jail like the Asian businessman who damaged a miscreant who had tied him and his wife up – he was right, and if the intruder was badly damaged then the Asian had saved us all from further intrusion.

Why does this matter?

This is important because most people are frightened of defending themselves because they fear being arrested and ending up in jail. People should be allowed to defend themselves without worrying about it. I do not feel safe in England; I am just lucky a yob hasn’t attacked me. It is probably simpler just to lie on the ground and get kicked, than spend a few nights in jail.


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