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Irrelevant questions on sexual and religious orientation

Comment 7th July 2010

I would like to see councils and other bureaucracies save the cost of paper by not asking irrelevant questions on a persons sexual preference, religion and if they consider their identity as a transgender on surveys and questionnaires when the subject matter is nothing to do with this subject. I recently received a form from my local housing trust as a property landlord and it contained very sensible questions asking my opinion on window cleaning and grounds maintenance. There were 17 questions in all and six of them asked about my sexual orientation. When I questioned the relevance they said they had to do this as part of  equalities legislation. I have tried to investigate further but cannot find exactly where it is written down that organisations have to ask such ridiculous, personal, laughable and totally irrelevant questions.  

Why does this matter?

My idea to stop this lunacy on forms sent out to the public would surely save money.

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