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Issue a Card for Benefits (no Cash)

1 Comment 9th July 2010

The government could do a deal with a major credit card company to supply all benefit claiments with a card. This card could be set to not allow purchases of alcohol or tobacco (or any other goods deemed unsuitable). The acceptance of the cards could be limited to specific companies that have tendered for the supply of benefit goods.

  The right to accept benefit cards could be put out to tender ( as all other Government supply contracts are) and a selection of National and local stores become approved suppliers in a framework agreement. The contracts would be huge and a real discount could be negotiated from the retail prices in the stores.

Why does this matter?

There would be control (and monitoring) of what tax payers benefit money is being spent on. The technology for this is already in place in major retailors eg nector card to target marketing.

Claimants would need to find some sort of gainful emploment to get CASH in order to buy luxary's(cigaretts, alcohol, sky TV , holidays abroad etc.)

Living on benefits should be subsistance and nothing more. Pleasures should be earned.

If there is no incentive to work then why bother!

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One Response to Issue a Card for Benefits (no Cash)

  1. Claire Ellis says:

    So those who have been made redundant or who are struggling to find work should forfeit their little bit of luxury because you’re on your high horse? The 50+ age range have no chance of finding employment, too old to be given a job and too young to retire, do you think before you rant? Oh, and there are NO jobs out there anyway! A new supermarket opened up by me and they had to borrow a football clubs ground to hold all the applicants! Ridiculous!

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