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Job Descriptions for elected personnel

Comment 5th July 2010

There is an overlap between local and national governance which should not be necessary.

If housing and other local issues are the province of local government then they should handle them, not pass the disgruntled citizen on to the local member of parliament.

Members of Parliament should be representing the interests of their constituents and the areas they represent in parliament rather than the specific requirements of individuals who come to them because those elected to handle local issues are unable to resolve situations which are specifically local and not national and unless the problem is a widespread one in which case co-operation with others to resolve the problem would be a good route to take.

Why does this matter?

New parliaments, new rules, new ways of working need to be accompanied by new job descriptions and the establishment of areas of responsibility.   More local elections will be held next year and it would be a good idea if the new councillors  knew what was expected of them.

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