just legalise cannabis.

the goverment probably wont read this but just in case they do. why not just legalise cannabis and have done with it. the debate for cannabis to be made legal will always keep coming back wheter they like it or not. you cant stop every single person from using it and people will always grow it and the goverment cant stop the whole nation of great britian from growing cannabis. its a losing battle. the goverment is supose to work for us and listen to us instead they ignore us and try to tell us what we cant and cant do. it's taking away our rights and forceing us into the hands off drug dealers that would presure us into trying harder drugs when all i want is cannabis. they waste billions of pounds each year tracking down and destroying cannabis farms. they lock people away in over crowded prisons for growing A PLANT. a plant that has medical benifits its good for people with aids, cancer, ms, and a whole heap of other condtions. unlike alcohol that makes you feel indestructible and can make you beocme angry easly and makes you more likely to cause a fight and end up in hospital and waste police time. cannabis makes you more cautious and less likely to take risks.

i would strongly prefure cannabis to alcohol. with cannabis their is no hangover that you get from alcohol and you cant overdose on cannbis its impossable. so just legalise it and get over it. we need to make britian great again and not run it to the ground like what the goverment has done just tax it and put a health warning on it like you do with cigarttes. and use the money to help britian out of the recession. and stop wasteing tax payers money on this fake war on drugs. use cannabis to help people get off stronger drugs like crack and herion. and lsiten to the scientists hwo say its good and listen to the population of britian the people you work for. 

Why does this idea matter?

Just read my above post and legalise cannabis.

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