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just make these DLA/ESA medicals fair

Comment 5th August 2010

Too many people genuinely in need are being given the wrong decision in these medicals.

and its becasue they dont take into account daily variations in ability and whether or not doing something is painful/uncomfortable

take that soldier who lost a leg for example,  he lost his DLA because he was asked if he could walk 400 yards, and he, being proud and pleased that he could still do that said yes, but where was the question that shouldve asked if doing so caused him any pain either during or after the walk? or asked if he could walk continuously, not just 400 yards? yep, right, it doesnt exist, he didnt get the chance to say that, and i can guarantee he would be in pain, and not just when walking either.  being able to do something doesnt mean its not painful or uncomfortable to do, many of us disabled people (i have spina bifida and use a wheelchair) push ourselves through pain barriers to get things done, because we are proud people and it gives us a sense of satisfaction to be able to do these things, but that doesnt mean, as i said that its not doubly difficult to do, we just dont whinge about a bit of hard work like others do..

DLA helps us do these things, by paying for us to get out and about, and pays for equipment and adaptations that help us do these things, without it were screwed, i'd be housebound without a motability car. and with the extra costs of being disabled (wheelchairs etc) that DLA helps to pay for i couldnt afford to buy a car. And dont mention public transport until youve sat in a wheelchair and tried it.

if genuinely disabled people lost their DLA or didnt get some form of ESA they would have no life, Im worrying sick about losing DLA, i couldnt work without it (It is NOT an out of work benefit) it is ESSENTIAL that the right decision is made in these medicals, 40% of appeals being won tells me the right decision isnt being made in a lot of cases, appeals shouldnt be needed in the first place, the initial decision should just be the right one.

Im all for weeding out the scroungers, it means more for the genuine, but not at the expense of the genuine. It has to be fair!!

Why does this matter?

i think all the above says it all

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