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Keep and strengthen the Hunting Act (2004)

Comment 6th July 2010

The Hunting Act had the support of the majority of the country and the majority of MPs in Parliament. Despite a change in government, the opinion polls still show that the Act should be kept, and even strengthened, to prevent huntsmen exploiting legal loopholes in order to continue with their cruel sport.

The 'town-versus-country' argument is promoted by pro-hunting organisations to be deliberately divisive.

This issue has been dealt with. The public spoke. The arguments were considered and a vote was taken. To engineer a repeal of the Act would be undemocratic and would only serve to please a very few people who take pleasure in seeing life extinguished.

Why does this matter?

The tories, whilst complaining that too much time had been spent on the Hunting Act, vowed to make a repeal of the Act (using parliamentary time) one of their first priorities. They are a party with an agenda to please wealthy landowners and businessmen – some of whom enjoy killing animals for fun.

This issue has been dealt with already. Democratically.

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