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Comment 11th July 2010

We should keep all drugs illegal so i dont have to work

buy keeping drugs illegal i can make a good profit without leaving my flat. Once a week i have a man come to me with £10,000 of heroin, crack, lsd, coke and cannabis.

Because no one can buy these at the shops i make a killing and dont have to pay taxes or go to work. Because it is illegal i dont have to ask kids for ID and to stretch my profit further i cut the products with things like washing powder, sometimes i put ground glass in my cannabis deals to make them weigh more! its great. i have to go to the social once every 2 weeks to get my JSA, thats a side income for me so i can afford my sky+ HD subscription and pay my merc repayments without cutting into my drug profits.


if im arrested i MAY go to jail but never mind, ive saved a few hundread thou from over the years in an account not linked to me so while it costs millions to keep in jail im sitting back waiting for my release date, or what i call retirement day.

Why does this matter?

it helps the gov hide under a smoke screen and removes mp's chances of being discraced for supporting the legalise movment.


if you havent noticed im being facetious. the above is exactly what any drug dealer would say.

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