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Keep FM radio transmissions and our receivers

Comment 12th August 2010

Withdrawal of the FM service is another case of ‘improving’ a well-designed and efficient system until it ceases to function – as in Digital Radio. This follows the fiasco of superimposing TV Channel 5 on the UHF TV system that had given superb UK-wide TV reception for decades.

There seems to be no case for clearing the FM band, nobody else wants to use it, and making redundant all the FM receivers enjoyed daily by millions of people is absurd. Many cars have top-of-the-range FM receivers installed but there is a critical problem with car radio DAB receivers, for which the digital coverage is so poor that they cannot operate properly as the car moves between different locations. My car radio dealer advised me in June 2010 that the new DAB system to be introduced later this year will render existing DAB receivers obsolete.

Why have we paid our Government handsomely to mess things up so comprehensively?

Why does this matter?

There seems to be no benefit in changing to DAB except a rash of new pop music / garrulous DJ stations indistinguishable from each other. Scrapping millions of FM receivers is ridiculous at any time, but in these times of debt and cuts it is truly outrageous.

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