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keep our money at home and spend it more wisely

Comment 9th July 2010

We are reportedly in a very bad way financially so I cannot understand the ring fencing on Overseas aid.I cannot understand the money we spend on protecting ex PMs on their money making trips, or the funding and promotion of  "celebrities like Beckham and Bono, why give MBEs  and Knighthoods to the undeserving. Why are politicians, especially Prescott , made Lords and paid attendance fees. Why are wind farms subsidised, and built by foreign firms (while we have unemployment,) when they dont work half the time and all need power stations to back them up.Lets waste the money on our problems. Why do councils get involved in all sorts of campaigns like Equality, sex discimination, how to feed ourselves and other education campaigns spending fortunes on leaflets to tell us the most basic things .Why pay councillors, surely all we need are professional managers to run all basic council requirements to keep the streets and towns clean and operational and councillors should just suggest or observe after gaining  council tax payers views which when analysed are pretty basic requirements. Lets stop wasting money

Why does this matter?

The important bit is we allow people to become grandiose in their own minds and thus waste fortunes paying them for services most of them aren't specialist in. How many MPs or councillors are actually expert in a lot of the things they make judgementson. Why do we need these singers, footballers, actors artisdt etc pontificating and being paid to promote things a lot of us aren't remontely interested in. Why do we allow  our representitives, especially those like mandellson and Archer to return in any way to having influence on our lives. Why does an elected Government require the likes of Campbell to spin the truth unless they are trying to mislead us.

Lets stop spending money to have our lives distorted to suit others, spend it where its needed

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