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Keeping those with appititude Caring, and not Typing….

Comment 12th August 2010

Sadly often in private nursing homes they cannot attract nor keep staff who really want to work with the elderly.

Yes, there are many exceptions to this, but i for one have seen the lack of respect given to those who work in this section of the "care industry" and it has to change.

Instead of the person hidden being a secretary in the office being paid the most, the people doing the REAL gritty but rewarding job hands on get paid the most.

Far more status has to be given to people who work in this sector as i saw people who had lost jobs in learning difficulties move into elderly care as the care home was desparate for staff and didn't fully check them.

The elderly in this country are being given such a raw deal and by giving them helpers who are motivated and satisfied it will go a long way to them getting the care they deserve.

(please pardon any spelling mistakes)






Why does this matter?

To value the elderly and ensure they have more than just  the cold physicality of sustainance, but that they are shown Care.

(again, pardon the spelling)

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