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Lanes should have lower speed limits than main roads.

Comment 5th July 2010

Highways appear to have a strategy of effectively moving the problem of speeding traffic from main roads, to lanes and minor roads, in the vicinity! This is achieved by reducing the speed limit of the main road. to 40/50 mph, while leaving the alternative minor road route at 60mph.

                                            This practice is unacceptable and should be stopped.

While the mandate, that there has to be 2 fatal crashes on a road, before a lower speed limit is imposed, is being used as an excuse for inaction, by Highways.

Why does this matter?

I live along a lane that has been impacted very badly by this policy of Highways.Last weekend there was a cycle club, out in force along the lane, so a 60mph speed limit must be terrible for them! Ramblers also used to walk along the lane, but that stopped about 5 years ago.

 My lane is in an ANOB and the residents have to protect our environment, which most of us try very hard to do. I have recently been planting wild flowers on my 300 foot long verge (which had to be reinstated because the HGV'S had flattend it and Highways had then tarmaced over) but one false move and I would have been one of the two fatalities needed to get a reduction in the speed limit. Hedgerow trimming is also a hazadous endevor and I find it difficult, now, to exit my drive and often vehicles refuse to slow up when I enter my drive.

I know that this practice of trying to solve traffic problems by  spreading the vehicles around several routes is quite common, but surely the impact should be examined before it is done! Leaving a narrow country lane to cope with most probably 3/5ths to half of all the commuter traffic, is just not fair or safe, especially as it is allowed to go at 60mp! Neither is it good for Global warming or our countryside environment.

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