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Law and fines

Comment 17th July 2010

If a person steals a cycle which has a value of £200, which was not recovered, he would possibly be fined £60 to be paid back to the court.

WHY NOT DO THIS – make him/her pay the whole amount £200+£60 even if it takes years

if they are getting ssp ie-£10 per month till paid, If they get employment then should be paid quicker

If it is a car costing thousands its the same- they pay for the total loss including the fine no matter if it takes 8 years etc  

Why does this matter?

helps us all as insurances always up each year

if these ideas were implemented possibly insuranc companies would not put the cost to us – THEN WE SUFFER

lets the criminals know they will pay the full amount however long it takes – no exceptions

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