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law of the removal of dna records of juveniles

Comment 21st July 2010

This law obliges all police to ensure that all dna and fingerprint record of juveniles are removed when they have attained a certain age.  The person concerned should be informed of this.  If juveniles have done their "time", been fined, or performed community punishment (such as attending local exercise and instruction sessions), they should then be allowed to continue adult life with a clean slate, rather than a lifelong label of "criminal" hanging over them.  Some children who have done crimes (sometimes little more than pranks) when aged 12 or 13 do not attend magistrates court until then are 14 or older and are charged as if adults. It is unfair that police secretly hold on to this DNA to boost their record base. 

Why does this matter?

We are quite cruel in the UK to young children who happen to make one or two mistakes during puberty.  We should come more into line with other European countries, in how they treat the anti-social behaviour of children.  This law would force the police to be  thorough in their record keeping.  Police could then eventually confirm that young persons have paid their debt to society and can start afresh and feeling more confident about their personal status.  (Perhaps, in addition, this law would lessen the number of people who do not wholeheartedly support the police's work). 

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