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Leave the House of Lords alone

1 Comment 5th July 2010

There are many reasons for at least postponing the complete re-structuring of the House of Lords.   Their work is good, their cost is minimal and they are the corporate memory of the country.

Elections cost money; people who are elected deserve to be paid properly;  the public know little enough about their elected members of parliament and to elect people to an upper house where the duty of service, fairness and erudite decision making are imperative could be disastrous.

Why does this matter?

For many years now parliamentarians have been promising to reform Westminster.   Many of the electorate thought that this meant that something would be done about the lower house but time after time the reforms have been visited upon the upper house.  

We had a system which was admired by the world, now we seem to spend all our time incorporating ideas from newer the democracies, from those who sought to copy our successes.   We should limit ourselves to making the lower house work properly then we will know what changes, if any, are needed to allow the upper house to conduct its business more effectively.

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One Response to Leave the House of Lords alone

  1. Alex Pearce says:

    The House of Lords should not be a mirror of the commons, It should be in essence separate and we should celebrate our uniqueness in neither having or needing an elected Upper House and as such the only reform that would aid this would be the repeal of the 1999 Act

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