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Left Turn At roundabouts

Comment 7th July 2010

There are so many roundabout junctions especially on motorway exits and thes at rush hour , cause so many tailbacks on to the motorway that this causes traffic delays and accidents on the motorway or dual carriway itself . To help overcome this a left turn  should have free access at all times and the lanes made or relinned and should also be devoid of traffic lights ,this lane should then merge into the the lanes from the roundabout and cause few hold ups.

Often there is enough room already but it is a lack of lane labbeleing and lane markings that is all that is needed.

In Holland i have seen small kerbs used as lane marking to ensur lane disapline and seems to work well.

Low solutions are best

Why does this matter?

to reduce tailbacks onto motorways at junctions,

speed up traffic flows

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